Closing the Gap

Closing the gap is a common phrase in my cycling circle. I seem to always be closing the gap between myself and another rider. So, I think it is appropriate to title my first blog “Closing the gap”, as I’m getting you up to speed on my present day efforts toward my quest to compete in the 2016 Paralympics.

Why am I doing this? This is the most common question I hear. In short, I am doing this to prove to myself and others that it can be done. Being told that you can’t do something for the majority of your youth or being told no again and again takes its toll. After a while you start to believe that it’s impossible to achieve. It’s just simply not true. My favorite quote from Gail Devers says it all: “Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try.”

The difference today is I have surrounded myself with people who say it can be done and that I can do it. The difference is, now I believe it can be done as well. For me, it’s not about receiving a metal. It’s about being the best that I can possibly be every day.

So, since 2011 (I’ll add another entry with more history soon), I’ve been slowly working every day towards my Paralympic dream. And I’m writing this blog to document the process, but also share this story. I hope, in some small way, it can help others with physical limitations strive to break out of their comfort zones too; to push their envelopes.

I have a lot more to say. This is just the beginning. Thank you for joining me and I hope you’ll tell me your thoughts, ask me your questions, and share your stories with me along the way. More to come… SOON!!!

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